Chapter 3: Community

Someone asked me recently, “Do you really think you can SHOCK THE WORLD?”

I’m going to be honest - I was a bit put off by the question.

Did he not know that we started an organization called, “Shock The World”?

That we sell really hipster clothing and have a sweet Instagram feed?

I mean, come on!!

We have over a 1,000 followers now!


I just remember sitting there and thinking…

you know what?

maybe he’s right…

So after a long pause, I said…

“No, I can’t.

But, we can together.”

Pool Party

When you’re a kid you think everyone is raised the same. Or, maybe it’s better said that you think everyone lives the same. At least I did.

Until, the day of the pool party.

Yes, pool party..

I will never forget when me, Andres, and Daniel were invited. You see, we all grew up in the same neighborhood with similar families and similar living conditions.

When the day of the pool party came, I remember all of us sitting around talking about what we thought this party might be like.

“Do you think they will have the GI-JOE pool?”

“I really hope they don’t have the Care Bear pool! I hate those bears!”

Do you remember those pools? I think they’re called paddling pools. You basically just get your feet wet so you don’t die in the summer.

So, we started our journey to the pool party, and the crazy thing was that most of us have never crossed Kingsbury Street. Now Kingsbury Street was the street that separated the “bad neighborhood” from the “good neighborhood”. This was truly an adventure for the ages. We had always known Kingsbury to be a murderer, all of our street pets' lives had been taken in it, yet today we were crossing beyond it.

I think we must have just made a mad dash across the street with our eyes closed, because all of a sudden, everything looked different. I mean everything.

Wow! These houses have grass! There must be a shortage of rocks.

Can you believe these people? No bars on the windows?

Where are all the no trespassing signs?

Do you think the sun shines brighter here? My eyes hurt.

Hey Kev, what are those things growing out of the ground?

Flowers Andres. Flowers.

I think for the fist time, this expression might be used in the correct way…


By the time we finally arrived to the pool party, we were completely silent. As if our minds couldn’t wrap around what was really happening. We walked up to the door and rang the doorbell, and the Mom answered the door. She welcomed us like we were famous or something, and proceeded to escort us to the changing room.

The changing room?

What is a changing room?

This changing room was bigger than any of our bedrooms combined! And yet, this room was just meant for changing.

So me, Andres, and Daniel put on our swim trunks… I guess you could call them that… more like jean shorts that we made out of old jeans.


We finally made our way outside and there it was…

the ocean.

No wait,

the pool!

It might has well have been the ocean to us!

This pool was so massive you could have fit Shamu and his friends!

The pool party was so amazing! I know for me, Andres, and Daniel it was the greatest day we had ever experienced in our 10-11 years on Earth!

but then came the walk home…

As we walked home none of us said anything. The closer we made it home, we could see the scenery began to change which reflected our very countenance and well being. We finally made it to Kingsbury, and none of us had to say anything but we all knew…

Everything had changed.

You see, our whole perspective on life had changed. We now knew that not everyone was raised the same. Or, better said this way; not everyone has the same life.

If we don’t, who will?

For the last three months, this question has been ringing in my heart - “If we don’t, who will?” To be completely honest, this question has wrecked me to the core. Questions in my head as in how? or what? or the fact that i’m just one person – just like the man who asked me if I could really shock the world has pointed out.

Sometimes, I wish I could just live on the beach and not know any of the worlds problems. The brokenness, hate, selfishness, pride, and ignorance that we live in.

But, I do know of it…

You see my perspective has been changed, like when I was younger and crossed beyond Kingsbury and again now because I do know that everyone is someone…

that everyone has a story.

And if I'm not a part of the solution, then I’m a part of the problem. And what makes me any better?

I want to ask you this same question - if we don’t, who will?

I truly believe that our generation wants to make a change in the world. To truly love others, and lay our lives down for a cause bigger than ourselves. The cause to be human; that what we do will echo in eternity.

So can we truly shock the world?

Will we fight?

Will we be the voice?

Will we be the hands and feet?




When we first started dreaming about Shock the World, it just started out as a sermon series we were doing at our local church. Then we thought it might be a cool idea to actually do what was being taught in the series; to love others the same way Jesus loves us, to lay our lives down for others. Can’t say we are there yet, like at all, but working towards it.

What’s so amazing about this story is that we’re just normal people. We started these campaigns not really knowing what we were doing, like at all. In fact, the very first STW shirt was not even meant for what we’re doing now. We just thought they were hipster and trendy.

It has been so amazing to see people of all backgrounds come together and help the needs of individuals. People’s stories have been affected by those who have joined us in this fight against injustice and oppression.

So let us begin Chapter 3!

Our dream is to gather people from every background to come together around a cause; the cause of being human. That what we do will echo in eternity. That we together can make a difference.

Can you imagine If we came together in unity? To use the gifts, talents, experience, and passion - not for our own sake, but for the lives of others - nothing could stop this movement.

So we want to answer the question, “If we don’t, who will?”

We will!

But, we need you! Together.

We’re going to be holding “living room” community nights all across the United States in this coming year. Living rooms are so inviting and welcoming where we can come together and build relationship, unity, and be a part of something greater than ourselves.

Not exactly sure what these nights will always look like, or what living room space we might find ourselves in, but we do know that we can effect the stories of peoples lives more with YOU!

So will you join us?

Let your perspective be changed. You can make a difference! You can shock the world!

It is possible - and this is your opportunity!

A cause worth dying for,