Wage War On Hunger Not Humans

What is our infatuation with war?

It seems that humans always want to fight against something. We always want to destroy what doesn’t fit into our values. We have justified the most unthinkable acts based on this idea to fight and wage war against what we don’t believe in. But, what if this infatuation with war was initially intended for good? What if this characteristic of fighting was intended for us to fight for each other? What if this was instilled inside each of us so that whenever we saw someone suffering, we would fight for them. We would sacrifice. We would give of ourselves for the betterment of someone else.

We would love.

I believe this radical stance on love is close to the heart of God. Some 2,000 years ago, Jesus lived a life that sparked a revolution. He introduced new ways to live and new ways to love. He began to show us what it truly means to be human. For the first time in history, humanity started to learn that you don’t fight hate with hate, but instead you fight hate with love. When the world gets darker, you open yourself up wider. Why? Well, because the world needs you. It’s who you are created to be... the light.

Now, there is this story of Jesus talking to some of his closest friends and he is essentially telling them how to love God. He goes on to say that when you feed the hungry, you feed God. When you bring water to the thirsty, you are quenching the thirst of God. He tells them that the
things they do for the lowest in society, they are really doing for Him.

Do you see what he is trying to do here? He is introducing this new view of reality that teaches us that we should treat the lowest in society as good as we would treat the highest. Jesus is fighting for equality. He is fighting for radical inclusion. He is giving insight to his closest friends of how they can find the deepest meaningful life. Jesus was for people. He wanted what was best for those that he met with. He would see someone, listen to their need, and he would act.

He cares so deeply.

I believe there is something to that. I have found in my experience that it is intrinsic to the human condition that we care for others; that we give of what we have gathered to help our neighbor. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, agnostic, or an atheist, it does something deep inside of you when you help those around you; when you love them. I believe we were created to fight for humanity. Could you imagine how bright the future will be when this becomes more and more of our reality?

Friends, I believe it is time to stop being against things, and start to be for humanity.

Stop being against those that are different than you.
Stop being against the LGBTQ community.
Stop being against liberals.
Stop being against conservatives.
Stop living a life that is at war with another human.
Start believing in your neighbor.

Start supporting efforts to end hunger, slavery, and poverty.
Start listening to every person’s story.
Start having discussion with those with different opinions than you.
Start standing up against oppression.
Start standing up for equality.
Start living beyond yourself.
Start now.

I am recently crushed by a reality that this is true for so many. People are starving. People are getting sick from the water they have available. People are worrying where they will sleep. Humans are hurting. This reality has started to haunt me.

It’s estimated that it would cost 30 billion dollars each year to end world hunger. Americans alone spend approximately 40 billion each year on coffee. Friends, we are rich. We have been given so much. We weren’t created to hold onto it. We were created to give it to our brothers and sisters who are in dire need of help. We were created to live beyond ourselves. We were created to bring hope to hopeless. We were created to love. And I have found that when we give of ourselves, there is this sense in our spirit that says “This is where I belong.” 

Recently I heard it said, "Listen to what makes you cry. Maybe God is trying to tell you something."

Well, I'm listening and I think we can end this. I really do. We can make a difference. We can bring hope to a life that is in need. We can be who we were created to be. We can lift the head of the faceless in society. Let’s start by waging war against hunger. I believe in us.

The following are humanitarian organizations that I would recommend you look into and support. They all have incredible charity ratings and directly support those with perhaps the greatest need:

-Feed My Starving Children
-World Vision
-Compassion International
-Preemptive Love Coalition

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