What Would Happen If?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What would happen if?”

You know that question that’s hidden deep within your heart that only you can answer? The question that we are all so terrified of because if we ask it, we might have to actually do something about it?

Yeah, that’s the one.

But, imagine what would happen if we did? 

Is it worth it? 

Every year the world celebrates the most awkward minute on December 31st.

New Year’s Eve, and I hate it.

Ugh, hate isn’t even a strong enough word.

Just think about it, and especially if you’re single, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The countdown begins, your back begins to sweat, you realize you’ve been eating nacho cheese dip the whole night, and your breath is something awful.

We’ve all been there right?

Picture this - I’m 17 years old and I have only been a Christian for about three months. I find myself at a New Year’s Eve Party with all of my friends, and I would say my faith hadn’t really been put to the test. Not that I believe God tests you in your faith, but life happens, and you find yourself in situations where you have to make a choice.

So, I’m doing my thing at the party; laughing, chatting, high-fiving, and really just having a good time. “Working the room” as the kids like to call it these days. 

Then, it happens.

The countdown.

It’s like all of a sudden it just happens: Ryan Seacrest, and his amazing hair, just begins yelling numbers. 

(Kind of obnoxious if you ask me)




Oh god this is really happening.


Where can I hide?


Please let me die.





This is it. The moment we all have been waiting for, I mean dreading...



I’m looking around. Everyone is kissing, hugging, and some even dare to do the whole making out thing. 

The excitement of the moment begins to die down and I was in the clear. 

At least I thought I was, but then, it happened.

Stacy Little.

The girl I had been hiding from the whole night.

I had heard through the grapevine that she was interested in me, and that she might try to make a move. 

I remember a hand grabbing mine and I was being dragged into a dark room. All of a sudden, I find my shirt being pulled off and in my head I’m thinking, “Is this really happening?!” 

Everything within me was screaming to stay, but my heart just knew that I needed to run, and to run as fast as I could. 

My heart was beating a billion miles a second and I knew what I had to do.

So, I looked into Stacy’s eyes and told her, “I’m sorry. I love Jesus now!” then I took my hands and gently pushed her off me. 

Yes, that is exactly what I said and did. Crazy right? And extremely awkward. When I think about it now, I can only imagine what she must have thought. I probably had that crazy, passionate look in my eyes with a mixture of fear and intensity. When a super shy and awkward person is passionate, you know they mean business. 

I opened the bedroom door, grabbed my coat, and literally ran home. 

Over the next few weeks I lost every one of my friends.

Because I had asked and answered the question, “What would happened if?”

What would happen if I had stayed in that room?

What would happen if she went farther than I wanted?

What would happen if my life were completely different now because of that one night?

I want to make this clear, it wasn’t Stacy as a person that I ran away from. It was the action.

Was it worth walking away?


May I propose this? Life is made of so many of these moments where we have to make a choice; moments where we will have to choose what life we want to pursue and live. Do we want to settle? Do we want to follow our dreams? Will we answer the question, “What will happen if?”

It’s up to you. It’s up to me.

So, dream already!

When you’re a kid, you believe you can do anything. You believe you can change the world. It’s not until you’re older that you get the confidence knocked out of you, and you forget who and what you were made to do. 

This has happened to me over and over again. I let my failures, weaknesses, insecurities, what others think of me, and my past define my reality. 

When truth is that everyone has a past. Everyone has messed up, and in some sort of way we’re all disqualified.

Do you know what happens when we buy into this thinking?

We settle.

We forget.

We stop dreaming.

We become miserable.

May I dare to say that this is the majority of how the Western world feels? 

You see, we were created to dream.

To take risks.

To create.


Step out.


So, what would happen if?

What would happen if we went for it? If we just got on with it and went after the dreams in our heart. Maybe we could change the world or maybe we will fail miserably?

Either way, at least we would know.

Fabula est vestri - The story is yours. 

The story is yours.

This is our time. We are the people on this planet.

We must act.

You see the dreams, passions, and mission that is in your heart is not just for you. When we decide not to act, it affects the stories of other people’s lives. The world needs our stories. The world is waiting for you. The world is waiting for me.

May I ask you to dig deep and begin to answer the question, “What would happen if? You know it’s in you. It always has been.

You may have been hurt.

You may feel ashamed.

You’re scared.

I’m scared, too.

Could it cost everything?


Is it worth it?

We will never know unless we try.

It’s never too late.

You can look back through the pages of history and over and over again you see the stories of young people who came together and stood in the face of great opposition. People who said enough is enough and made choices that went beyond themselves, and in the process, they shifted history.

Imagine never being able to read the story of Anne Frank. What would the world be like if Martin Luther King Jr. never dreamed? What would it look today if women never marched and fought for equal rights? Can you even picture the world without the example of Mother Teresa?

Without them, our stories would look drastically different.

So, the world is waiting for you.

The story is ours to tell.  

It’s time we believe that our answer to the question, is truly one for the books.

“What would happen if...”

We change history.