The Project of The People


Have you ever had a big change happen in your life?

I could list a number of things, but one particular change always comes to my mind; moving.  And not just moving, but moving to 408 W. Sophia.

AKA- The Hood. 

When you’re six years old you really don’t care about much else besides playing outside with your friends. The move changed that for me because every friend that I have ever had was now miles away, and to a kid? That feels like the distance between Earth and Mars.

When we had finally moved everything in, I was able to go outside. I began to do what I always did at my old house; I would throw a baseball against the front steps and field it like I was the shortstop of my favorite team, The New York Yankees. I was outside for quite some time when I saw that next door were two kids around my age playing catch. I remember thinking to myself, “FRIENDS!” and I ran over there as fast as I could.

As I ran over, I can honestly say that I had forgotten that I was in a new neighborhood, new house, and well, new everything. 

Change seemed to be easy.

Until I talked.

“Hi, my name is...”

And before I could even say my name, it happened.

The next door neighbor kid punched me in the face.

Oh, wait. That’s not it. 

He kneed me right in the whoopsy daisies, or as some like to say the yahoos, crown jewels, or to any normal six year old- the nuts.

I fell to the ground with blood rushing out of my nose and my man hood inverted inside me. I limped home just as fast as I had run over there, and it finally sunk in-

Change sucks.

May I propose to you that change can be difficult, and sometimes it can feel like a punch in the nose or a knee to the, well, you fill in the blank. But, change is necessary if we want to really change the world. We live in a society where everyone is doing the same thing over and over and somehow we are surprised that nothing changes. You can look back through history and see that it was the ones that decided to be different and take a risk that shaped history. May we dare to bring change to a broken world by truly loving others more than ourselves? That it wouldn’t be by the few for the few, but by the many for the many.

Are you with me?

Our heart and mission at Shock The World is to exist as a movement fostering hope and cultural change by practicing the ways of Jesus, together, in our neighborhoods.

When STW launched with that house party back in 2017 the focus of the project was for the people coming and the people who would be impacted by the giving. However, a shift has happened-an important and monumental shift-and one that we need to apologize for and explain.

We realized that STW had become the very thing we were rebelling against. The world doesn’t need another organization built on a few people’s gifts, talents, and personalities. 

No, it needs a movement that is built on the love of many. 

So we’re changing.

I really believe that together, and only together, can we see real change. STW doesn’t exist as a project for the people. No, we have had that all wrong. STW only exists and grows because it has always been,

The Project of The People

So, we at STW are officially inviting you into this mission with us to see cultural change in your neighborhoods. We are sorry for the lack of invitation that existed before, but thank you for sticking with us and showing up; always reminding us that it’s because of doing this with each other that lives are changing.

We can see that the world is looking for a change and we believe it can only happen if we take that risk. The risk to come together and put aside our differences and value the gifts, talents, passions, and dreams of every single person. 

This upcoming fall we invite you to be a part. Whether you live in Detroit or on the other side of the world,


When my nose stopped bleeding and my insides stopped hurting, change became a reality. You know what? I wouldn’t change that moment for anything. Those two kids ended up becoming my best friends in a neighborhood where only the strong survived. 

Did change hurt? Yeah. 

Did it make sense? No.

Most of the time change doesn’t make sense, but if we don’t change we will never see who we were meant to be. 

What is God asking you to do?

Will you allow the fear of change to keep you down?

Or will you rise up even though it may hurt and doesn’t make sense?

It’s up to you.


Much Love,