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Kevin is an amazing story-teller and brings years of experience from his time as a pastor and traveling speaker. His heart is for every person to have a honest and life-changing encounter with the love of Jesus. Kevin's heart is for revolution to spark in cities around the world so that the name of Jesus would be lifted high and people would know the true and unending love of God. His heart is for all people to feel wanted, included, heard, and understood. His desire is for each individual to know that they are not alone.



Brittany is an author and speaker who truly communicates the love and mission of Jesus. Her heart is for the Church to truly be what God intended both in mission and community. Brittany is known for her passion for prayer, leadership, teaching, and being a voice for women in ministry. She is also working on completing her Master's Degree in Religious Educational Leadership and working on her personal project called, "The Pursuit of Promise." 



Chris is a very gifted speaker and creative. His heart is to awaken the "creator" in each and every person so that they can reflect the very heart of God to the people and world around them. Chris has a heart for authentic, and inclusive community; for no one to feel that they are excluded or on the outside looking in. Chris is gifted at bringing a genuine, humorous, yet sincere, tone to everything he does which allows people to feel at ease and connected. 

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